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Purple Diesel

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Benefits of Purple Strains

Although the superior advantage of using a purple weed strain vs. a green stain is yet to be proved scientifically, some users have noted its notable and lasting effects, such as the following:

  • Possess anti-depressant properties — One of the uncontested effects of using purple strains of weed is its calming and relaxing chemical compounds. According to some users and a myriad of cannabis studies, these substances in all purple weed strains reduce the effects of perceived depression and anxiety with proper administration.
  • Relieve pain — The active compounds contained in a purp weed strain have pain-relieving effects. In a study with 163 individuals using some dark purple strains, smokers who use it for treating chronic pain also are less likely to show episodes of problematic cannabis use patterns compared to others who use it for other activities.
  • Contain higher active compounds — The production of anthocyanins or the purple pigment in plants may compromise the THC synthesis in cannabis. On a good note, geneticists have tried to improve strains that can still produce significant concentrations of CBD than regular cultivars.
  • Fight off cancer — Purple weed cultivars have significantly elevated levels of anthocyanin, an organic compound known to be a good antioxidant that can fight off cancer. However, as cannabis is smoked and not consumed, the effects are not as considerably beneficial as eating violet-colored veggies.

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